Travelling Abroad? Tips to Save Big

Every travel season, any international traveler knows how vital it is to have foreign currency in hand when you travel. You require currency the minute you land your destination, for cab fare from the airport, and tips at the hotel. So currency exchange rates play a major role in terms of savings, but the question that arises in everyone’s mind is – ‘where can I get the lowest forex rates?’ Here are some tips on getting the best deals on your Foreign Exchange.

  1. Compare & Look out for Best Forex Deals: With the evolution of the internet, there are lots of options to buy forex online, but to make sure that you get the best exchange rate you must plan in advance. For instance if you are traveling to United States, compare dollar exchange rates on all the available currency exchange portals & choose the one which is offering best dollar exchange rate & is credible. Look for testimonials from customers.
  1. Avoid Banks & Nearby Forex Dealers: Always avoid currency exchange from Banks, as the exchange rates are more expensive than from online foreign exchange dealers. Whereas your nearby forex dealers might give you good rates, but they will not offer you remote reload options and there is also a danger of counterfeit notes.
  1. Carry Currency in Cash & Some in Forex Card: Try not to carry only cash! According to experts, if you are travelling to Europe, carry 35 percent euros in cash & rest of the currency in the form of forex card for best euro exchange rates and safety. Currency exchange rates are different for card and cash, with card rates being lower than cash!
  1. Buy in Bigger Sums: One famous strategy followed by frequent travelers & students is to purchase currency in a large amount to get the best deals. The bigger, well, the better bargains.