Travelling Abroad? Carry Your Forex on a Multi Currency Forex Card

Before you leave for your next foreign trip, pause for a minute to think dollars and pennies – or should we say pounds and pesos? Take full advantage of your currency when you are travelling abroad with a little homework first.

The most critical step is to know your options. Earlier, traveler’s checks were the most prominent way to carry money abroad – however today’s travellers are much more likely to rely on forex card, which are like debit cards for forex and typically offer better exchange rates than traditional options from local forex dealers in india

So what makes these cards the best choice for you? Furthermore, how can you avoid those pesky currency conversion fees with these cards? Read on

Multi-currency card or sometimes referred as prepaid forex card is more secure to carry foreign currency during your trips abroad than currency notes. Aside from swiping at any POS, it can be used anywhere across the world to withdraw money from a local ATM.

Carry multiple currencies: The only difference between a prepaid forex card & a multi-currency card is you can carry multiple currencies in a single card & this card is a best choice if you are planning a world tour or are a frequent international traveller.

Reload on the go: During your trip if you run out of or require extra forex, you can place a reload order online anytime.

No activation fees & hidden charges: There is no activation & annual renewal charges associated with prepaid forex cards & unlike credit cards, swiping the travel card is absolutely free.

Buying a multicurrency card is easy. If you are travelling abroad, you normally apply for one online from a trusted foreign exchange dealer like or visit a reputed bank near you.

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