Travelling Abroad: Travel Smart with These Money Saving Tips

A foreign trip guarantees numerous rewards & excitement, but the planning stage of any trip plays an important role. Wrong planning & over spending can put a huge dent in your trip. Here are some tips for you to save an extra penny when travelling abroad especially to Europe & the US.

  1. Buy Foreign Currency in Advance: Most travelers don’t carry forex in their pockets when travelling abroad, however smart travelers knows better how to get the best money exchange rates. Only your home country can provide you the best currency exchange rates, so it is always advisable to carry foreign currency in advance.
  1. Always Carry Euros while Travelling Europe: Euro is widely accepted across Europe, even if you are in United Kingdom Euros are accepted for every purchase. As mentioned in earlier only your home country an give you best exchange rates this goes for Euros as well if you want best euro exchange rate buy them before leaving your home ground.
  1. Use Local Currency: Many travelers prefer using a credit card to avoid carrying card, but every time you swipe your card abroad your bank always charge you some commission, to avoid such commission you can use an alternative option of forex card. These cards are similar to credit cards but pre-loaded with money & no or very less commission will be charged for every transaction.
  1. Bring along Some US Dollars: Even if you are not travelling US always carry some American dollars with you. US dollars come in handy in case of emergencies, such as when banks go on strike or if you dont have access to an ATM. To get the best dollar exchange rate find a good forex dealer online.