Travelling To France from India? Here are Some Money Saving Tips!

France is Europe’s most diverse, delectable, and, in many ways, one of the most delicious country to explore, considering its globally famous cuisine.

With its rich forests, continuous coastlines, amazing canyons, culturally rich cities, and some of Europe’s highest mountain ranges, France  makes for a must-visit country in Europe. But travelling to France is a very costly affair, and those travelling on a limited budget will find it hard to experience all that France has to offer. Make sure you purchase enough Euros from a good foreign exchange services provider to get the best value for your rupees.

Accommodation: Accommodation is very expensive in France compared to hotels in India and other European countries. But if you dont mind staying in hostels, you can find a dorm for as low as 15 to 40 Euros per Night. The cost also depends on which part of the country you are staying in. For instance, Paris is most expensive. whereas accommodations are cheaper outside of Paris, Bordeaux, and the French Riviera. Alternatively, you can also look at room renting or home stay options. It is recommended to book a hotel or guest house at least 4 weeks prior to your trip.

Food: Buying your own food is cheaper in terms of EUR but not in terms of rupees, one time meal can cost you around 10 Euros. Also eating in a good restaurant can cost you around 20-25 EUR for a meal including a glass of wine. If you are staying for a week you can expect to spend around 50 EUR for a week‘s worth of groceries. France has some great street food options with delicious and filling Crepes costing around 2-3 Euros, Falafels costing 4-5 Euros and Baguettes costing 4 Euros. So if you want to save a bit, load up on these options which are not just quintessentially French but also give you a value for your Euro.

Transportation: The most ideal approach to travel in France is by means of the trains. Overnight trains cost the minimum, while high speed trains costs the most about 90 Euros.

So where Forex is concerned, experts recommend buying currency at least a 3 weeks before your trip to get the best exchange rate. Also carry one forex card with you, as this is turns out to be the best option for paying hotel & restaurant bills . To get the best forex rate in India purchase currency from ‘’