Travelling to Glastonbury 2015?? Follow These Tips at World’s Greatest Music Festival

Glastonbury Festival is a five-day music celebration that happens close to Pilton, Somerset, England. Apart from contemporary music, Glastonbury hosts dance, comedy, theater, circus, etc. This year Glastonbury is happening from 24th June to 28th June, early predictions shows a mixture of cloud & drizzle and this could spoil your plans for the festivals.

Follow the Tips Below to Survive the World’s Greatest Music Festival:

  1. Choose a Best Place for Camping: Arrive early before the actual time mentioned to pick the best camping spot, its gets occupied after that. Camping on a hill means you’ll get minimum traffic & cleanest & least busy toilets. Moreover, take a duvet rather than a sleeping bag it’s significantly much more comfortable.
  1. Eating and Drinking: Take something light organic breakfast would be best option, take flavorful, solid and massive, it’s the ideal approach to get ready for another party. Carry local currency with you, otherwise you have to spot for a foreign exchange counter with lowest forex rates before buying your food. Don’t carry thing with you that requires a fridge.
  1. Plan Your Days Wisely: Try not to plan to see lots of bands. Explore the circus other events, and sit high up the Park field hill as the sun is set down to get an awesome view. Rest during the day and experience the Glastonbury somewhere around 7pm and 7am. It’s truly exhausting particularly if the day is hot, make a rough plan of which bands you definitely want to see.
  1. Carry Local Currency or a Prepaid Travel Card: Carrying cash could be one option. But using a Prepaid Travel Card or sometimes referred to as a ‘prepaid forex card’ is the best and most convenient way for Glastonbury festival. These cards are preloaded with money & can be obtained from banks or forex merchants. This prepaid forex card works as any other debit or credit card.
  1. Prepare for Rain: If it rains, getting to places getting to circus/comedy/cabaret area are hard work, but the railway track is a great way to get across the site.