Fly Right, Save Big, With these Awesome Tips!

My Friends, Colleagues & relatives keep wondering and have often asked me “How do you afford to Travel so frequently?”. So here is some carefully curated information on how to  save money on International Flights Booking.

  • Check low cost airlines. They are low cost because they save on baggage. So travel light.
  • Book your flight 3-4 months before departure
  • Fly out on the first flight of the morning
  • Book flights on Tuesday at 3pm EST and fly on a Wednesday. These times have historically been shown to have the lowest traffic.
  • Clear your cookies. Airline costs can go up based on your search track record.
  • Check Multiple sites before booking
  • Travel with longer layovers. This will let you visit additional destinations and make for a richer travel itinerary, while still keeping your flight costs low.
  • Use multiple airlines instead of a single airline carrier.
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