Why It is Important to a Carry Forex Card Before an International Trip

When you travel abroad, poor financial planning can hit your money hard. Being aware of your needs & having the right foreign exchange option with you will ease your woes and help you focus better on your travel.

In spite of numerous options for foreign exchange, the prepaid forex card is without a doubt the most convenient and economical. Also famous as the “International travel currency card”, it works similar to credit or debit card with added advantages. Prepaid travel cards just like a debit card, come preloaded with cash. Load these card with currency you require then use them as you use any other debit or credit card. Whats more, while Credit cards and debit cards cost you anything between 3-11% in merchant service fee, a prepaid card is free!

Benefits of Carrying Forex Card with You:

Worldwide Acceptance: Forex cards are accepted by almost all major banks across the globe. If you are travelling to multiple countries at the same time you should carry a multicurrency card.

Control Your Expenses: You are permitted to spend just the sum that is stacked onto the card. You can easily check  money withdrawals & balance amount left in your card.

Reload any Time: During your trip if you require extra you can place a reload order online anytime

Secure and Safe: In case your forex card is lost or stolen, you can block your card instantly & request for a duplicate card with the same amount present in the lost card.

No Activation Fees: There is no activation & annual renewal charges associated with prepaid forex cards.

Getting a prepaid travel card or a forex card is easy. If you are traveling abroad, you normally apply for one online from a trusted foreign exchange dealer like buyforexonline.com or a reputed bank near you. Some well known forex cards are axis bank forex card, hdfc forex card & icici forex card.